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Principal Kevin Dawson gives update on new high school

Pictured left to right: Director of Wilson County Schools Donna Wright, Green Hill High School Assistant Principal Kelly MacLean, GHHS Principal Kevin Dawson, Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Gaye Lynn Wilson, and Chamber of Commerce President Mark Hinesly. | Photo by Sarah Tate

Green Hill High School Principal Kevin Dawson spoke at the monthly Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce luncheon/meeting last week, updating business and community leaders about the new school and its culture moving forward.

Dawson has worked in the Wilson County Schools system for eight years and was named as the first principal at the new high school, opening August 2020. He is a proud product and champion of public education, and he is excited for his staff to bring their experience and passion to the school.

While some coaches and administrators have been hired, Dawson said they are still interviewing many candidates. With the 70-plus candidates Dawson has interviewed, he always asks the same question: What makes them want to step into this role?

He wants educators, not only at GHHS but across the county, to bring the excitement and passion that led them to teaching into the classroom because that is how they can capture their students’ interest and keep them engaged in the material.

“It’s fun to stand up and talk about what we’re doing and why the teaching profession and those teachers standing in front of their kids really need to be championed by everyone,” he said. “It’s difficult, it’s stressful, and it’s a labor of love.”

Something that Dawson said sets GHHS apart is its focus on academic press and culture of care. While it is important to put a major emphasis on education and learning, it is equally important to show students that there are teachers, staff, and community who care about them and want them to succeed.

Because people face obstacles all the time, he said, it’s important to help students learn how to overcome the pressures and difficulties they may encounter.

“We’re going to normalize the process of making mistakes so that they realize that that’s the process of learning,” he said.

The school will have a motto of courage, character and commitment that will exemplify a successful student, as well as successful educators.

Teachers need to have the courage to push students in innovative ways to get them prepared while students should have the courage to push themselves to be their best. Courage also refers to their ability to be vulnerable enough to say they can be better.

GHHS will also focus on students, and teachers, having good character. They want honest, hardworking and consistent people with integrity, who are ready to face life outside of school.

The dedication to commitment will shine outside the school, following students where they go next in life so they can continue building positivity in their community.

Green Hill High School will open in August. They will be the Hawks and have the colors of green and white.

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