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Ready Teddy’s is serious about coffee

Ready Teddy’s owner Sean McCoy is always striving to make the Mt. Juliet coffee shop better.
The beloved coffee shop with loyal guests is already a daily stop for many, but there is still things McCoy is doing to improve.
“We want to give you the best experience,” said McCoy.
Some of those things are remodeling projects focused on making the shop more open, which will allow for guests and space for those who are there.
What Ready Teddy’s has down is coffee. McCoy said that sets them apart from some other coffee shops in the area.
“We are coffee first,” said McCoy. “Mt. Juliet is serious about coffee, and we are serious about it too.”
McCoy said he used to not drink coffee, but in his career as a software engineer it became a bit of a necessity. Once he was introduced, he wanted to seek out the finest. That eventually led to him wanting to open his own place, and when the spot where Ready Teddy’s came open, he jumped at the chance.
“We really enjoy the people of Mt. Juliet,” said McCoy. “We really feel this is the place for us.”
Since he wanted the coffee to be fresh, he chose a Nashville roaster to provide the beans – Narrowgate. The highly regarded local roasters provided McCoy the beans to make a top-notch coffee for Mt. Juliet residents.
The local connection doesn’t stop with the coffee, as Ready Teddy’s has tea as well. They use Nashville’s Shineworthy Tea for various hot and iced teas.
Just because they are coffee first, doesn’t mean they don’t have great food options as well. Ready Teddy’s has several breakfast sandwiches and a breakfast burrito, or you can grab a panini or wrap for lunch. If you need a sweet treat, Ready Teddy’s has scones and muffins.
A lot of places want to get you in and out, but McCoy wants Ready Teddy’s to be a hang out spot. McCoy, an avid board game player, has filled the coffee shop with board games so people can stay there for the night with friends just enjoying each other’s company.
Ready Teddy’s is located at 1400 N. Mt. Juliet Road, Suite 100. You can check them out on the web at, shoot them an email at or give them a call at (615)773-2842.