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Revived Fashions opens

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

Some consignment stores focus on certain things. Some will be clothes. Some will be furniture. 

But Revived Fashions has it all. 

“You can come here get a Princess Diana mug, CDs, shirt and a purse for reasonable prices,” said Co-owner Matt Ullman. “We have everything.”

Revived Fashions opened two months ago and after Mt. Juliet residents Matt and Catina Ullman decided to open a business. Catina had the idea for a consignment store, and on their way to look at a possible property, they saw a sign for the current location at 11908 Lebanon Road. 

“We knew it needed some work,” said Catina. 

The couple redid the inside, which was a tae kwon do studio, and it only took a few months from the original idea to the store opening. They got a lot of things from Craigslist and eBay, but when they opened, new product starting coming in from customers. Some people were bringing eight or nine boxes at a time. 

Revived Fashions is currently running a 25 percent off summer clothing special, and will have more specials coming up soon. They will have 20 percent off of one rack every week, and it will change every week. There will also be a baby clothing special coming up, they will start doing referral specials. 

Revived Fashions is located at 11908 Lebanon Road in Mt. Juliet. They can be reached at (615)773-7703. 

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