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Rezoning and Development Plans Approved by the Mt. Juliet Planning Commission

The Mt. Juliet Planning Commission met February 16 to review rezoning requests and future commercial projects in the city.
The first rezoning request was to change a five-acre tract of land at 563 Main Street from RS-10 (residential) to Commercial Town Center (CTC). Rufus Page requested this rezoning in order to be able to conduct business in a general store that had been constructed on this property.
Granting this rezone request would have constituted spot zoning. CTC zoning would have been not recommended by city staff. However, Bo Logan proposed an alternate plan to rezone it accessory agricultural, which permits the sale of farm products and supplies.
“Mr. Page has an unique use for this land and is already known as a novelty in Mt. Juliet,” said Logan. “He has plans to expand in the future and will ask to rezone all of the property around this land.”
When addressing the Commission, Page added that he had plans to make his land similar to Fiddler’s Grove.
Sparkman & Associates Architects asked for a waiver to the Commercial Design Standards for the Verizon Wireless store to be located at 11366 Lebanon Road. The request is to remodel the old Car Quest Building by painting the concrete block on the side and rear of the building. The waiver request would be to allow the newly constructed parapet wall to be done in EIFS and the front face to be in stone below the EIFS.
The representative for Sparkman explained that the plans had been turned into Zoning showing the parapet covered with EIFS and until last week he did not know that this design did not meet city design codes. After a lengthy discussion that the City requires 100% brick and stone, a compromise was agreed to. The building will be done in a manufactured grey stone up to the red band. Above the red band and the parapet will be done with EIFS.
Kelly Morgan asked that it documented that this waiver is being granted due to unusual circumstances.
South Mt. Juliet Holdings requested site plan approval for a Residence Inn by Marriott to be located at 5004 Crossings Circle.
The Residence Inn is a 109,534 sq. ft. hotel consisting of one hundred twenty-four rooms, meeting space, pool and fitness center. The proposed building is 69’8” tall, which will be the tallest building in Mt. Juliet. The design of the building uses stone and 36.2% EIFS in order show variations in pattern to show distinction in the look of the building.
After discussion about concerns of the EIFS and parking, the site plan was approved on the conditions that the bottom of the building would be 100% brick or stone and that the EIFS with the new drainage system be used in the building plus retainer walls will be segmented.
Civil Site requested approval of the Preliminary Master Development Plan for Beckwith-Golden Bear. This site is located adjacent to Beckwith North. The 76 acre tract continues on East Division Street to the new Eastern Connector, Golden Bear Gateway. Two buildings are being proposed on this site. One building is 316, 160 square feet and the second building is 992,220 square feet.
The project received a positive recommendation with restrictions on the usage of warehousing only, having similar architecture to Beckwith Farms, maintaining 900 feet minimum distance between accesses on Golden Bear Gateway and conducting a traffic impact study. The approval was also conditional upon large berms being placed on the perimeter to help shield vision from the new bypass.

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