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SCE portables start to arrive

The portables for Stoner Creek Elementary’s ‘Bobcat Village’ started to arrive Monday.
The original plan was to put the portables back at the Stoner Creek Elementary site, but Director of Schools Jeff Luttrell asked for permission from the School Board at the special called meeting Tuesday, Aug. 10 to look into placing them outside the “West Wing” of West Wilson Middle School where SCE has started their school year.
Wilson County Schools Public Information Officer Bart Barker confirmed Tuesday that Luttrell received approval from department heads that the project would work in the parking lot at WWMS. Issues like sewer, water and electricity were among the issues being discussed.
It is still early in the process, so Barker said he wasn’t sure how the classrooms would be used or divided up, but SCE Principal Amanda Smith and others would decide how to use the extra space.
“They will utilize those buildings the best way they know how,” said Barker.
At that meeting, Board Member Jamie Farough asked if it was a possibility to use some of those portables for either of the West Wilson Middle School sites to help alleviate some crowding since not all might be needed for SCE. West Wilson Middle School is holding their classes at Mt. Juliet Middle School and Mt. Juliet High School. Luttrell said that is definitely something they could look into, but Barker said Tuesday nothing has been decided on that as of yet.
In that same meeting, the School Board approved the bid from R.G. Anderson to rebuild Stoner Creek Elementary. The board approved the base bid plus two extra wings that will make the school be able to house 1,000 students when it is complete. Their current enrollment is 680. The price for all of it plus all the furniture, fixtures and equipment would be roughly $30.2 million. The project completion date is Sept. 30, 2022.