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SCE’s ‘The West Wing’ about ready to open

It has been a long road for Stoner Creek Elementary, and there is still a long road ahead.
But some sense of normalcy will be back when the students get their own home at the saved portion of West Wilson Middle School. Wilson County Schools, as well as staff and teachers at SCE, have been working hard to give the students a good learning experience.
Principal Amanda Smith has been talking to parents in the weeks leading up to school, and she said despite the challenges put in front of them, parents are optimistic.
“I think most people are really excited,” said SCE Principal Amanda Smith “…“It’s going to be a learning experience for them as it is for us.”
SCE will be temporarily housed in the new wing of West Wilson Middle School. That wing had only cosmetic damage from the tornado and it has been maintained through all the insurance discussions that were finally settled a few months back. There are two hallways – one for K-3 and one for 4-5 – and many rooms will have two teachers in the classroom coordinating and co-teaching lesson plans. Smith said there are 14 new teachers to the school, so it will be an excellent opportunity for some of them to be paired with an experienced teacher and learn the ropes.
“We are excited students will have two teachers to learn with,” said Smith.
Third and fourth grade will just have one teacher per classroom. Smith said they have dubbed the building “The West Wing” in honor of West Wilson Middle School.
“It’s Stoner Creek colors, it’s like it was meant to be,” said Smith.
The old SCE building is completely down except for the Phyllis Robinson Gymnasium. It was relatively untouched as well, and it will house the cafeteria and related arts. A former storage closet has been equipped with ovens, the concession stand will be a food prep area, and the cafeteria line from the old SCE was cleaned up and placed in the gymnasium. SCE will have a full-time bus dedicated for the school that will transport the children back and forth as needed.
“The logistics are a bit of a challenge, but it’s certainly something we can do,” said Smith.
The area of WWMS closest to the “The West Wing” will all be down by the time school starts. So any demolition left will be on the opposite of the building and won’t disrupt the classroom quite as much. “The Bobcat Village”, the portables that will be SCE’s next home, are hoped to be in by fall break, and the students and teachers could be able to move at that time.
Parents and students can come see “The West Wing” at the SCE Open House, Tuesday, Aug. 3, 4 to 6:30 p.m.