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School board asks county for money for 2 new schools, 2 additions

The Wilson County School Board deferred approving agreements with the groups that would build two new schools, and add onto two others Monday. 
The agreement was with Kaatz, Binkley, Jones, Morris Architects, Engineering Services Group and CivilSite Design Group for architectural, electrical and site preparation for the new Watertown High School. 
Also, KBJM Architects, ESG and CivilSite Design were proposed to prepare the required documents for additions at West Wilson Middle School, West Elementary School and the new elementary school at the Providence/Rutland area. 
That also included an agreement with American GEO Technical to do a geographical survey of the new elementary school at the Providence/Rutland area. 
The deferral was proposed by Chairman Don Weathers, who thought the County Commission should approve the budget amendment first before the school system got in an agreement with the various companies. 
Board member Ron Britt agreed with that motion. 
“I think that’s just bad business,” said Britt of going forward with county approval. 
The budget amendment for $724,558 was also deferred until the county commission approved that number. 
They will send the numbers to the commission, and will call a special meeting to approve all the agreements if needed. 
A new Discipline Code/Code of Conduct was also approved, but not without some changes. 
In the original code of conduct, it listed alcohol offense as a category 3 offense, while use of narcotics was a category 4. 
“Under the influence of alcohol, and under the influence of drugs are really the same thing,” said Board member Greg Lasater. 
The board agreed and moved alcohol offenses to a category 4, then approved the code. 
In other action, the board approved an agreement with the Clinch-Powell Educational Cooperative, changes to board policies in sections 6-Students and 5-Personnel, and a resolution of appreciation for professional services staff members. 
Also, they approved a spill prevention control and countermeasure plan, as well as a service agreement with 1st Response.

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