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School board cuts down list of Director candidates to six

The list of candidates for Wilson County Director of Schools was reduced to six at the monthly board meeting Monday night.
There were 12 applicants originally for the job. The aim was to cut the list to five, but after voting, two candidates were chosen by everyone, and four all got the same number of votes.
“It’s nice to see we are all pretty much on the same page,” said Zone 7 Board Member Jamie Farough.
The six left are Dr. John Ash, Dr. Jerry S. Boyd, Jeff Luttrell, Travis Mayfield, Robert Sells and Dr. Aimee Wyatt.
Lutrell and Mayfield are both employed within the Wilson County Schools system. Luttrell works in the Central Office, and is a former principal of Watertown High School. Mayfield is the current principal of Wilson Central High School.
The board discussed how the interviews would take place. Originally, the plan was to have all the interviews Thursday, March 25, but the board flirted with the idea of moving it to Saturday, March 27. The idea was that having an hour interview with six different candidates on a weekday might be hard for the board members, some of which have day time jobs.However, after discussion, the board agreed to keep it Thursday, March 25.
The board then discussed how the interviews would operate. Zone 3 Board Member Jon White pushed for a round robin style interview where two commissioners at a time would interview the candidates, and they would move from candidate to candidate. After that idea didn’t gain much traction, they moved to the entire board interviewing one candidate at a time for one hour. The candidate will get three questions in advance to start the interview. Then each board member will get five minutes to ask individual questions. The final ten minutes will allow the candidate to ask the board any questions that they might have.
The board members will score the applicants after their interviews, and the top two will move on to final interviews in April. The hope is that the eventual pick will be hired in late April, and contract finalized in May.

Damaged Schools getting closer to being rebuilt

The Wilson County School Board voted unanimously Monday to move forward with parameters on how to settle the insurance dispute concerning the two damaged schools.
Wilson County Schools has been in discussions since the tornado, but the two sides have never been able to agree on a number to get West Wilson Middle School and Stoner Creek Elementary back up and running.
The parameters were not able to be released to the public because of legal reasons. The discussion was held behind closed doors in Executive Session.
“I’m sorry for the general public we have to be so vague at this time, but it will become very clear at some point in time,” said Attorney Mike Jennings. “Our hope is if you approve this tonight, things will move relatively quickly.”

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