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Scott Hefner running for District 3 City Commissioner

Scott Hefner is running for Mt. Juliet District 3 City Commissioner.

Scott Hefner is a local business executive and small farm owner who has called Mt. Juliet home since 2007. He and his wife Cheri raised two daughters in Mt. Juliet, Haley, and Maile, who attended Wilson County Public Schools. Above all, he’s a family man and a citizen of Mt. Juliet. Scott’s family, faith, success in business, and love for the community have motivated his desire to help guide the City of Mt. Juliet’s future as a City Commissioner.

“I was the guy who, during the tornado, was walking around with a chainsaw helping people cut trees that had fallen on their house. That’s who I am. People call me for help, and I help. I’m a citizen first and foremost, and I have it in my heart to want to help people and solve problems.”

Scott’s life and experience as a citizen of Mt. Juliet has given him a down-to-earth perspective on the local government in line with other residents’ values and concerns. He thinks the city government should be an asset to your family, business, and life. When city leaders are out of touch with the people’s values and needs, it results in missed opportunities, ineffective government, and frustrated citizens.

“I vow to address the disconnect between Mt. Juliet’s leadership and the people they serve,” says Hefner. “Wilson County is one of the fastest-growing places in not only Tennessee but the United States. Yesterday’s ideologies no longer work for today’s problems, and we need a fresh voice to challenge the idea that ‘this is how it’s always been done.’”

Hefner believes that a significant step for Mt. Juliet to take is to ensure it keeps up with its people passing and establish a two-term limit for City Elected Officials. “If you can’t get it done in eight years, it’s time to move on. If you’ve done well in eight years, it’s time to move on to a bigger and more impactful role,” says Hefner. “We’ve had a huge influx of new residents that are coming into the city with fresh ideas and a fresh perspective. Let’s give them an opportunity.”

Hefner also believes in more transparency in the local government, especially on a technology level. “We have elected officials using personal email to conduct city business, which is not subject to public records,” says Hefner, who wants to mandate that elected officials use city-issued email. “We also need to do a better job, whether it be through the city website, an online portal, etc., to make it easier for citizens to interact with the city.”

Finally, Scott wants to address the needs of our local services. “I’m not interested, nor will I go along with an increase in taxes. We’ve had a budget surplus of roughly $5 million per year in the city’s general fund, and I will push for our underfunded and understaffed Fire Department, to be moved into this fund so that they may be adequately staffed to serve and keep safe the people of Mt. Juliet.”

For the last 11 years, Scott has attended to his neighborhood’s needs as Vice President/Treasurer of his Homeowner’s Association Board of Directors. Before moving to Mt. Juliet, he served in a nearly identical capacity for a 600-unit condominium in Florida. In Florida, Scott was heavily involved with the Christian non-profit organization Children of the Nations on a relief mission to the Dominican Republic. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Troy University in Troy, Alabama, and previously held Series 7, 24, 63, and 65 licenses for financial services giant Morgan Stanley.

Mr. Hefner has over 30 years of experience providing consulting services to Fortune 500 companies, in addition to Federal, State, and Local governments. Scott has specialized in deploying technology and applying industry “best-practices” that improve mission-critical business processes for top-tier organizations in these fields. He has served on the Senior Advisory Board for Finexio, a payments facilitator formed out of Silicon Valley, California, and held a position at a Washington D.C. based non-profit alliance that served the technology, innovation, and collaboration needs of the U.S. healthcare industry.

Scott Hefner may be reached via the following: phone – (615)-772-6842; website –; email address –; Facebook page –

Early voting begins on Oct. 14 and lasts through Oct. 29, and Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

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