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Sharpe named principal at West Wilson Middle School

Beverly Sharpe

Mt. Juliet High School Assistant Principal Beverly Sharpe will take over the principal role at West Wilson Middle School when current WWMS Principal Kevin Dawson transitions out of that role in the coming few months.

On Friday, Nov. 1, it was announced that Dawson will become Green Hill High School’s first principal and begin that role starting in January 2020.

Sharpe is a longtime employee of Wilson County Schools and is currently in her 36th year with the district. Serving as an assistant principal at Mt. Juliet High School since 2007, Sharpe is very excited about this opportunity.

“There are hardly words for how excited I am to step into this new role,” said Sharpe. “West Wilson Middle School is already a Reward School and I look forward to learning and growing with the students, faculty and staff in the months and years to come.”

The decision to place Sharpe at West Wilson Middle was backed by her vast experience and what she’ll be able to offer students at West Wilson Middle before heading to high school.

“We see her as a really important part to that transition because one of the things people may not realize is that West Wilson Middle School will be a feeder school to Mt. Juliet High School,” said Wilson County Director of Schools Dr. Donna Wright. “Not only does she have a wealth of experience as far as the curriculum at MJHS, but she has also built a history, and a tradition of building a legacy of what’s important to MJHS. That’s critical in building that bridge because this will be the first year that West Wilson Middle School students will be moving into Mt. Juliet High School.  So she will be very instrumental in making it a successful transition for those students.”

Sharpe has served in a variety of teaching and administrative roles with Wilson County Schools throughout her career, but she candidly says this challenge is one that she’s been thinking about.

“In the past few years, I have been contemplating what my next challenge should be. I am thankful to have this leadership opportunity,” said Sharpe. “MJHS is my home away from home.  I will miss the people, students and staff — they are the heart and soul of MJHS.  I sometimes remind our faculty that I’ve been ‘married’ to them longer than I’ve been married to my husband of 34 years.  I won’t be far away though — as the feeder school for MJHS, I will be working very closely with Mrs. Rainey (Principal at MJHS) and the faculty at MJHS.”

Dr. Wright emphasized where she places importance with Sharpe when she transitions into her new position.

“She has been so instrumental in the curriculum,” said Wright. “I can put Beverly’s name out there as being that gold seal because she’s probably one of the best and most masterful I’ve seen as far as looking at curriculum, executing instruction and the teaching and learning side of it. She’s just such a wealth of experience, and she’s a great choice for that age group of students.”

Sharpe is excited for the transition process as she gets set to move over to West Wilson Middle.

“I am anxious to meet the students at WWMS,” said Sharpe. “I also look forward to collaborating with the professionals in the building; they are the people who have laid the foundation for continuing success and I am excited to work with them.

When asked about the challenges she expects when she takes over as principal at West Wilson Middle, her answer is something that we could all learn from and offers some great advice.

“I think the challenges are in the unknown; one thing I’ve learned through the years is to expect the unexpected,” said Sharpe. “I’ve learned not to say, ‘nothing surprises me anymore,’  but rather, ‘I am not afraid of what might be lurking around the corner. I know I’m equipped to handle it.'”

Her goal upon arrival at West Wilson Middle is to build off a solid foundation that’s firmly in place.

“The first thing I want to ensure is a sense of pride.  Teachers at WWMS have clearly done superb work with students to accomplish Reward School status for the past two years,” said Sharpe. “My plan is to continue improving and meeting annual goals, and to be ranked as one of the best middle schools in Tennessee.”

Sharpe will transition to West Wilson Middle School in the coming few months, as Principal Kevin Dawson continues the preparation process for the start of Green Hill High School’s inaugural school year in August 2020.

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