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Sports In Review: Wilson Central Excommunicate the Devils

Sports In Review: Wilson Central Excommunicate the Devils

Wilson Central Excommunicate the Devils


Wilson Central travelled to Lebanon High this week to play the struggling 1-5 Blue Devils. The cats came bursting out of the gates of hades to score on the first drive through a quick screen to Devon High who would follow his blockers to move the sticks. The following handoff would be fumbled, and recovered by Bowes. The cats looked set for another loss when Meadors was flushed out of the pocket, only to break 4 tackles and gain 9 yards. Josh Gordon would lead the block and give Bowes a clearing to find the end zone from 11 yards out with just 3 minutes gone. Lebanon’s drive would start off with a myriad of penalties, moving them back to their 10. The yardage was gifted back to them after a personal foul on the Cats. Lebanon would be forced into a 4th and a few situation, and line up to punt. The snap went directly to a blocker turned passer to find his man and give Lebanon a 30-yard gain and the ball on the 1-yard line. The Devils would waltz in to take the lead at 6-7. A furious Wildcat sideline would warn the Cats that this was no walk in the park. The lead was short lived, as the following drive would have High get caught behind the line, stay on his feet, and gain 20 yards, and Colton Dowell coming up with a 30 yard reception in the end zone. With only 3 minutes left, the scoring for the quarter looked over. Lebanon would attempt a reverse flea flicker, which would be intercepted by Slater Rountree. Meadors would find TE Dalton King 32 yards into the end zone in coverage for a 20-7 lead to end the first quarter.

Lebanon were in for more of the same as their opening drive resulted in a pick by DeMarius McBroom, leading to a 74-yard TD pass to Dowell. The Devils would get 6 back, after Tyrique Cooper would bolt past the Cats’ defense 70 yards into the end zone. Bowes would score again on the next drive at 34-13. Lebanon would fumble again in their own red zone, recovered by the Cats. High would score from 4 out after a running across the baseline and making it just past the pylon. The Devils were in with a chance, after a punt was muffed for them to recover for their best starting field positioning of the game on the Cats’ 45. Lebanon looked dead set to score, only to be intercepted again by Hunter Vaught. Meadors would use his legs on the next drive to find the end zone himself from 15 yards away.

The second half gave backup RB Michael Powell a chance to get some first team experience. Powell would get the ball nearly every play of an impressive 60-yard drive, to set himself up to put up 6 more giving the Cats a 55-13 lead. DeMarius McBroom would almost intercept again, but pass interference was called, giving Lebanon another chance. They would score on a calculated play action pass to hit back at 55-20. The Wildcat defense would continue to bat passes and hold the runs, forcing Lebanon to punt on almost every occasion.

Lebanon would score once more on a pass from 46 yards out. The points were just consolation at 55-26, but annoyed Coach Dedman none-the-less.Wildcat fans woukd see their team score once more once Zae Kern was allowed the same opportunity as Powell in the 4th quarter. It should be said that Kern didn’t have the first string O-Line to run behind like Powell. He didn’t seem to mind, however, and would make his own series of runs, and a 33-yard dash past the goal line.

Lebanon’s turnovers really killed them in this game. Their failure to hold onto the ball squandered 5 good scoring opportunities, which you can’t do as an underdog team. The Wildcats could have played better, but the game is registered as a win. The Cats hope to register another as the travel to Franklin Thursday night at 7:00

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