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Students’ ACT scores nullified

Some Wilson Central High School students will have to retake the ACT exam after a mistake led to the scores being nullified.

According to Wilson County Schools Public Information Officer Jennifer Johnson, the exam was originally supposed to be administered on Oct. 2, but it was cancelled by ACT officials due to a security breach and rescheduled for Oct. 16. As Wilson County students were on fall break at the time, the test was again rescheduled for Oct. 30.

Each test date had materials specified for that day, meaning the Oct. 16 exams differed from those that would be administered on Oct. 30. Johnson said the test materials for Oct. 16 were not returned for the rescheduled date which led to students taking the wrong exam and having their scores nullified.

The nullified results only affected Wilson Central students who took the ACT with standard time and did not affect those who took the exam with accommodations.

Wilson Central Principal Travis Mayfield said the students whose scores were nullified will retake the test on Dec. 4 during the school day and at no cost.

“I sent a letter to 12 colleges and universities explaining the situation, asking them to give my students consideration in delayed ACT scores as it was no fault of the students,” said Mayfield.

In an email sent to parents, Mayfield explained the situation, also saying the problem occurred at other Tennessee high schools.

“I apologize for this situation,” Mayfield said in the email. “I feel bad that students prepared and put forth their best effort. I know we have students working to receive the TN Hope Scholarship, and this new date will give them the opportunity.”

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