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Students film commercial for playground fundraiser

Students film commercial for playground fundraiser

Wilson Central High School students filmed a commercial as part of a fundraising project to restore their playground. One of the services provided at Wilson Central H.S. is The Learning Center day care, which currently hosts 33 children, from 8 weeks to five years old. One of the recreational activities provided to these children is an outdoor playground area.

Unfortunately, someone has vandalized this area and it is not able to be used until it has been restored. It is unknown who is responsible for these damages, but the students are pulling together to help raise the funds for this project. “If you’re going to do something you might as well make it a school wide project,” said Principal Travis Mayfield, “We’re going to try to make it a first-rate playground for the students.”

The items that need to be repaired or replaced are 25 yards of wood chips, 17 borders, twenty-thousand pounds of loose rubber play fill, protective barrier cloth and a new fence with a lock. These costs have been estimated to be totaling nearly eight thousand dollars.

The school has many fundraising events planned to help cover these extensive repair costs. Students are participating in “Change Drive”, “Put a Pie in the Face for Playground” and “Dress up or Down for the Playground.”

The AV 2 students filmed a “TLC Commercial” on Friday to spread the word to the other students about what has happened and how they can help. “We wanted to make it like an ASPCA commercial, make it memorable and funny, super over the top,” said DeAna Duncan, fine arts instructor, “but we actually really do need the kids to be able to play on the playground again.” The video will be posted on YouTube.

To donate, please contact Mrs. Brooks in the WCHS Guidance department at 615-453-4611.

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