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Studio offers new kind of workout

Barre Co. studio in Mt. Juliet

Barre Company has opened a studio in Mt. Juliet, bringing a new kind of workout to the area. The studio opened on April 1, and uses a technique based on the Lotte Berk Method, which incorporates elements of pilates, ballet and yoga to create a unique experience, “It’s small isolated movements, low impact and high intensity,” said Whitney Pfeiffer, owner and instructor.

Pfeiffer’s friend owns the Barre Co. located in Bowling Green, which led to her interest in opening a studio. “I started taking barre classes about two years ago and fell in love with it,” Pfeiffer said, “I wanted to open up my own business and I loved doing this so much that my husband and I got together and talked and decided to open one up ourselves.”
Clients receive a full-body workout, targeted at lengthening and toning the muscles, while promoting good posture. Lots of stretching means you obtain a long lean look, without the bulk. “It’s great for men and women it’s great for all ages, whether you’re 16 or 64,” Pfeiffer said. Since the workouts are low impact, they are suitable for people of any fitness level from beginner to advanced, even those who are pregnant can participate.

Pfeiffer decided against choosing a property in Providence because although it’s a popular area, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. The studio is located in a more relaxed side of town, at 1738 N. Mt. Juliet Rd. “We thought this would be the perfect area,” Pfeiffer said.

Classes are one hour long, and are inclusive of all skill levels. There are modifications for the exercises so that everyone gets the maximum benefit from their workout. One modification is slightly easier for the less advanced person, to ensure they do not feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the moves. Another modification for the more athletically advanced, allows them to still feel challenged by their workout. There is also an express class that is 30 minutes long, to allow those with busier schedules to fit a workout into their day.
Attention to detail and the intensity level, is what sets them apart from other workout facilities. “I’m going to put you in the position, but I’m also going to correct you,” Pfeiffer said, “you may go somewhere else and maybe not get that same special attention.”

A lot of similar barre classes have a consistent level of low energy throughout the session. Pfeiffer describes the energy of her class as fluctuating up and down, like waves. “I’m pushing you and getting you excited, but I’m also bringing you back down and relaxing you,” Pfeiffer said.

Barre Co. will have an open house this May, date is to be determined.

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