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Summer sprinkling coming to an end

The City of Mt. Juliet is approaching the end of its summer sprinkling policy. The city allows for six months on averaging and six months where the customer pays for the actual usage.

The following chart shows customers when to stop watering this year and when to resume next spring.

If your account starts with:

100, 101, 102: Stop watering Sept. 20. You may resume watering March 28.

200, 201, 202: Stop watering Sept. 30. You may resume watering April 3.

300, 301, 302: Stop watering Oct. 8. You may resume watering April 12. 

400, 401, 402: Stop watering Oct. 15. You may resume watering April 18. 

Any watering after your stop date will increase your sewer bill and affect your average for next summer.

If you have any questions, please call the City of Mt. Juliet Sewer Billing department at (615)754-2554 or stop by our office at 2365 N Mt. Juliet Road, located at the corner of N Mt. Juliet Road and East Caldwell.

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