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Super Tuesday results

In the midst of destruction and recovery after violent storms and an EF-3 tornado hit Middle Tennessee Monday night, people across the state and Wilson County let their voices be heard on Super Tuesday.

The Wilson County Election Commission reported that of the 86,217 registered voters in the county, only 21,839 cast a ballot, bringing voter turnout to just over 25%.

Michael Collins received 41% of the vote in Wilson County for Circuit Court Judge Division II, defeating Shawn McBrien and Javin Cripps. Ensley Hagan, who was running unopposed, was chosen General Sessions Judge Division III, while Shelley Thompson Gardner, also unopposed, was named Public Defender.

James (Rusty) Keith received 57% of the vote for District 17 County Commissioner, and Stephen Goodall got almost 84% of the vote for Assessor of Property.

The three delegates with the most votes in Wilson County for the 6th Congressional District were Paul Bailey, Holly S. Jones and Craig Evan Clark. The 14 delegates at-large with the most votes were Mae Beavers, Steve Allbrooks, Julia Atchley-Pace, Chad Blackburn, Linda D. Buckles, Jane Chedester, Beth Scott Clayton, Douglas M. Englen, Lei Ann Gleaves, Shannon Haynes, Jack Johnson, Amy Jones, Robin T. Smith and Susan Richardson Williams.

Voters also chose to pass the sales tax referendum with 58% approval. The sales tax would go from 9.25 to 9.75, with the increase going toward providing raises for Wilson County Schools teachers.

“This is a historical moment for our classroom teachers, both Wilson County and LSSD,” said Donna Wright, director of Wilson County Schools. “I don’t remember a time where we have seen such a grassroots effort to support, honor and place high value on our educators.  I can assure our Wilson County tax payers that their investment in our teachers will bring a significant return on that investment as they continue to provide a quality education for each and every student.  I am thankful and grateful to the citizens of Wilson County for validating and recognizing our incredible teachers.”

President Donald Trump handily won the republican presidential primary in the county for his campaign for a second term. Both candidates Joe Walsh and Bill Weld received fewer votes than voters who selected uncommitted.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the democratic presidential primary in Wilson County, receiving nearly 39% of votes in a crowded field. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came in second with 21%, followed by Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg with 18 percent. Bloomberg announced Wednesday morning that he was suspending his campaign after an overall poor showing across the country.

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