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Sweet Cece’s opens in Mt. Juliet

Sweet Cece’s opened in Mt. Juliet in January, offering a variety of self-serve frozen yogurt and sweet treats.

Even though they opened in the middle of Winter, that hasn’t stopped business. 

“From the day we’ve opened our doors, we’ve had such a good reception,” said Dinah Ross, one of the partners who opened Sweet Cece’s Mt. Juliet. “Everybody’s so excited that we’re here … We’re very optimistic on what our summer’s going to be like if our winter is this good.”

Sweet Cece’s uses premium Dannon yogurt and has a variety of toppings to choose from. There are eight flavors to choose from and they are regularly switched out to provide new options.

“The children just absolutely love fixing their own yogurt cup and putting all the toppings on it,” said Ross. “It’s just a great experience for all the young ones.”

However, the new store offers more than just frozen yogurt. The Mt. Juliet location is the first to have a full bakery case, which has an assortment of fudge, Christie’s cookies, cakes and more. Customers can also choose from hand-dipped ice cream and sweet Belgian waffles with their choice of toppings.

The store also offers shakes, sundaes, Italian espresso drinks and smoothies. For the health-conscious customers, Sweet Cece’s also has Keto desserts and a protein latte in various flavors with 40 grams of protein.

“That’s our main goal, to have something for everybody, more than just yogurt.”

Besides the frozen yogurt, one of the store’s best sellers is a salted caramel white chocolate chunk cookie, of which Ross said has sold more than 300.

New orders for the bakery case arrive every Wednesday.

Because of the success of the expanded menu at the Mt. Juliet location, other stores in middle Tennessee are following suit, offering more dessert and drink options.

All the business partners live in the area, so Mt. Juliet was their first choice to open Sweet Cece’s.

“We just hope the customers will continue to support us so we can grow and prosper and offer quality products to the community,” said Ross.

Sweet Cece’s is located in the City Center at 1720 N. Mt. Juliet Road.

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