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Teacher of the Year

Margaret Wade is the Teacher of the Year for Stoner Creek Elementary.
Wade is in her 10th year of teaching, her fifth at SCE. She has taught kindergarten, first and second, but is currently a first grade teacher.
“I love the community, the leadership, the friendships, colleagues, the challenges,” said Wade. “Just the support we are able to give each other and from our parents as well.”
Wade said it has always been important to her to look at her students as just as what they are – children.
“Children are not a statistic. They are indeed children. They each require their own research,” said Wade. “I always put them before any testing or data.”
It has been an extremely hard year for Wade. In addition to all the other challenges that 2020 brought, her husband unexpectedly passed away in November. Her and her children have had to keep going despite not having family in the area. Things have understandably been very difficult for Wade.
“I have been out of pocket,” said Wade.
Wade said that the support her peers have showed her, that they still look to her as a leader when she is at her lowest and awarded her Teacher of the Year, was very special.
“It meant so much. It meant everything,” said Wade.
Wade will now have a chance to win Wilson County Teacher of the Year. The winner will be named at a banquet tentatively scheduled (due to possible COVID-19 guidelines) for Friday, April 23.

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