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Teacher of the Year

Gladeville Middle School’s Teacher of the Year is RTI teacher Kathy McCabe.
This is McCabe’s second year at Gladeville Middle School, but she has been a teacher in Wilson County for 15 years. She has taught 29 years in total.
“There is a lot of support from the parents,” said McCabe of GMS. “It really adds to the success of our students.”
McCabe said the parent involvement allows for the kids to have excellent resources. She said that has definitely helped these past two school years where teachers had to rely so much on technology to reach their students and do their jobs. She said the kids have stayed motivated and love coming to school.
McCabe said her philosophy has always been that all children are capable of learning, you just have to find the best way to reach the student.
“You have to take them where they are and push them as far as you can,” said McCabe.
McCabe said it was truly an honor to be chosen as Teacher of the Year by her peers at GMS.
“I truly feel that I’m amongst rock star teachers,” said McCabe of her coworkers. She said everyone is willing to help, and it took her by surprise when they decided to recognize her from all the great teachers at the school.
McCabe will now have a chance to win Wilson County Teacher of the Year. The winner will be named at a banquet tentatively scheduled (due to possible COVID-19 guidelines) for Friday, April 23.

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