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Teacher of the Year

Stacy White is the Teacher of the Year for West Elementary.
White said the honor meant a lot to her because she has to work hard at her profession.
“Teaching does not come naturally to me,” White said.
White said she has put in a ton over the years to get better at the job she loves, and when her peers named her Teacher of the Year it was proof that all her hard work had paid off. She said when she was told that she was Teacher of the Year and got the flowers and certificate, she got so emotional and was weeping.
“It was everything I wanted in my career,” said White.
White started her career in Sumner County, but has spent the last six years at West. She said she used to strive for that light bulb moment in her students, but over time realized it was the relationships that she created that was the real driving factor. She said kids she had when they were in first grade would graduate from elementary school and a few would send letters about how much she meant to them. It changed the way she looked at the job, and it has been her focus since then.
White will now have a chance to win Wilson County Teacher of the Year. The winner will be named at a banquet tentatively scheduled (due to possible COVID-19 guidelines) for Friday, April 23.

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