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Teacher of the Year

Robert Brindos is the Teacher of the Year for Green Hill High School.
Brindos teaches STEM and is in his 13th year of teaching. He was previously at Mt. Juliet Middle School and Mt. Juliet High School.
Brindos said that it has been a challenging year at Green Hill High School because they are trying to open and establish a new school in the middle of a pandemic. But he believes they are on the right track.
“I am still optimistic and hopeful for the future,” said Brindos.
Brindos said he can sum up his teaching philosophy in a couple of phrases.
“There are no rules without relationships,” said Brindos. Also, “Both good and bad teachers will be remembered – choose wisely.”
Brindos said he is glad to know that in the year when everything is so new and different to everyone, his peers thought he was useful and helpful to them. He is also appreciative they chose him to represent them at the Teacher of the Year Banquet.
Brindos will now have a chance to win Wilson County Teacher of the Year. The winner will be named at a banquet tentatively scheduled (due to possible COVID-19 guidelines) for Friday, April 23.

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