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Teacher of the Year

Stacy Tanner is the Teacher of the Year for Rutland Elementary.
Tanner has been a teacher for 25 years, most of that time spent at Rutland. She was there when the school opened in 1999. She has taught grades from PreK to third but is currently a kindergarten teacher.
“I love the supportive atmosphere,” said Tanner of RES. “Everyone works together and does what’s best for the kids.”
Tanner said it has always been about creating a warm, welcoming, productive learning environment. And having fun.
“I’ve always told them we can have fun, but we are also going to be learning,” said Tanner.
Tanner had never been named Teacher of the Year in her 25 years, so she was very excited when it was announced.
“It was a huge surprise,” said Tanner.
Tanner never was diagnosed with COVID-19, but several exposures to it caused her to have to quarantine twice. That took her out of the room from her students, but it didn’t stop her from teaching. She remoted into her classroom and taught from her dining room.
“It was just like I was in there,” said Tanner. “I love being recognized for that.”
Tanner will now have a chance to win Wilson County Teacher of the Year. The winner will be named at a banquet scheduled for Friday, June 4 at Baird Chapel on the campus of Cumberland University.