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Teacher of the Year

Sydney Seat is the Teacher of the Year for Wilson Central High School.
Seat, a Language Arts teacher, is in her eighth year as a teacher, four of those have been spent at Wilson Central.
“My admin team is very supportive,” said Seat. “There is a really familial climate here.”
That kind of feeling in the building is important to Seat’s style.
“You have to love your kids to teach your kids,” said Seat.
Seat said she often has kids in her class who may be struggling academically when they enter her class, but she feels like if she shows them a bit of tough love and shows them that she cares, they are more likely to have a good outcome.
“They show up and they work,” said Seat.
Seat said it was so humbling to get named Teacher of the Year this year because she often feels like she doesn’t know what she is doing with all the COVID-19 restrictions and bouncing back and forth from remote to in class learning.
“It changes everything you know about teaching,” said Seat. “What I’m doing is not perfect, but my heart is in the right place.”
Seat will now have a chance to win Wilson County Teacher of the Year. The winner will be named at a banquet scheduled for Friday, June 4 at Baird Chapel on the campus of Cumberland University.