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Teen arrested for threats toward school

Joseph Taylor

An 18-year-old male was arrested Sunday night after making a threat in person to two individuals about Mt. Juliet High School.

The teen, Joseph Taylor of Old Hickory, allegedly approached two individuals Sunday afternoon and made a statement in regards to warning them not to attend school on Monday because he had just purchased a new gun.

During the conversation, the individuals noticed that Taylor was wearing some type of gun around his neck. Following the conversation, police were summoned and began to investigate.

While the investigation was taking place, the department immediately contacted the school’s School Resource Officers to ensure they were aware of the active investigation. The department’s communications center also received calls from concerned parents, who learned of the threat somehow.

Detectives made contact with Taylor, and a paintball gun was recovered. He was arrested, booked into the Wilson County Jail and charged with Criminal Attempt to Commit Aggravated Assault.

Detectives do not believe Taylor has any real intention on hurting students or staff. He is not a student at Mt. Juliet High School.

The department wants to remind everyone that threats toward any school will not be tolerated, even if they are meant to be a joke, and they will be investigated completely. In addition, the department wants thank those who had the courage to bring the statements to police attention.

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