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Teens save girl, honored by mayor

Two local teenagers were honored at the Board of Commissioners meeting Monday night for saving the life of a young girl.

On Saturday, March 31, Dalaurence Holland and Zech Krnjaic were at Krnjaic’s house near Belinda Parkway when they saw something small run by them.

At first, they did not realize it was a young girl. They had been talking about clowns and thought the onesie the child was wearing looked like a ghost, so Holland decided to chase it while Krnjaic called 911.

“As we were running out towards the road, we realized, that’s a little girl, we have to save her because there’s a truck coming over the hill,” said Krnjaic.

Krnjaic said they did not even think about the danger their lives would be in; they stopped what they were doing and ran to save the girl, bringing her to the median until police arrived.

“The little girl made it home to her parents safely,” said Holland. “We got to meet the mom and the little girl, and that was very joyful. It was a great honor to meet [the child’s] mom, and she thanked us. It was a great moment.”

Mayor Ed Hagerty presented the teens with a proclamation stating that Monday, April 9, 2018, will be known as Dalaurence Holland and Zech Krnjaic Day in the City of Mt. Juliet.

“They are true hometown heroes, and Mt. Juliet is a better place to live because of them,” Mayor Ed Hagerty said in the proclamation.

After the presentation, the regular Board of Commissioners meeting continued as scheduled.

The first reading of an ordinance to amend the city code regarding guns, air rifles and projectiles passed unanimously. This could allow Boy Scouts to do camps within city limits.

A previously discussed ordinance that would change the city code to require businesses selling firearms to place bars or roll-up doors and have approved safety protection was deferred 30 days so more research can be done.

Commissioner Brian Abston sponsored this ordinance and stressed his dedication to placing security requirements for businesses selling firearms. A local business, nRange, had been burglarized multiple times but had not implemented updated security measures to prevent future robbery attempts.

According to Abston, although nRange is no longer in business, the change to city code is still an important matter to Mt. Juliet.

A resolution to approve a land lease agreement with Mt. Juliet Senior Activity Center passed 3-0-1. Commissioner Ray Justice was the original sponsor of the resolution but recused himself from the vote because his sister was recently made the new director of the Senior Center.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting will be 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 23, at City Hall.

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