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Telling Tales – “Fight or Flight”

Telling Tales - "Fight or Flight"

Telling Tales

By Angel Kane

Wilson Living Magazine


“Fight or Flight”

Becky and I recently started taking a Pilates class. (Insert emoji of your choice here.)

Our instructor is beautiful, young and lean. As she demonstrates various exercises on the Pilates Reformer, she looks like a graceful, fluid dream.

Then she asks us to do it.

Between my low back pain, Becky’s sciatica, and the fact that our combined age is more than an average woman’s life expectancy, “graceful”, “fluid” and “dream” are not words I would use to describe us.

But many other words do come to mind: “wobbly”, “slow”, “stiff”, now you get the picture.

Basically we are our instructor’s complete opposite.

A few weeks ago Becky had a birthday and mine is fast approaching. There are two schools of thought about aging – you can fight it or you can just wait to die. (I may have left out some parts, but that’s the Cliff notes version. And if you know what Cliff notes are then you are definitely enrolled in one of these schools!)

Most everyone we know in their 40’s seems to be in fight mode right now – from Crossfit to 5ks to Atkins to Juicing, we are not going quietly.

Mostly because fighting hurts!

From stabbing pains coursing through muscles that have laid dormant for 40 years to juicing bag after bag of Kale and pretending it doesn’t taste like freshly mowed grass, sometimes dying seems to be the easier alternative.

And then, of course, there are topicals, injestables and injectables.

The promise of youth awaits – you just have to pick your poison. From under eye creams and neck serums, to coenzymes and vitamins, to lasers and syringes, you can drive yourself crazy googling the pros and cons.

Then late one night, while you are surfing the web, you come upon that picture of that one lady who took it too far. You know the one, she now looks like a cross between a lion and a barbie.

An image, once seen, that can not be unseen.

You make a mental note to cancel your dermatologist appointment and instead, will just never again smile, squint or show any emotion whatsoever, so as to avoid further wrinkling.

The battle continues. It has for centuries. We can’t outrun it but we can certainly try.

So in the morning, I’ll meet Becky at the crack of dawn. We will do our best to keep up with our youthful instructor while she shows us how to stretch, lift and clench our core.

Or, at least, something close by it, as we don’t have the heart to tell her just yet, that baby #1 will suck that core right out of you.

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