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Telling Tales – The Inner Circle

Telling Tales - The Inner Circle

Telling Tales

Written By: Angel Kane
Wilson Living Magazine

The Inner Circle


So the other day, I was sitting at my desk at work and this text popped up on my phone….

“Are the chickens on a diet? Bc they have no food AGAIN!!”

I fell in the love with my husband while we were in law school, He was that cute boy on the first row with those amazing eyes. Always there early, excited and eager to participate. I was the girl in the back row, crouched down, hoping I didn’t get called on as I’d only skimmed the section, trying to count in my head how many more classes I could skip without failing.

He asked me out our first semester, we were married by our last. And then, together, set out for a life of fun-filled, whirlwind adventure.

And this is what our life has come to.

Not just that of course, also this…

“And sweep the garage. Until the garage door starts being closed you guys are gonna do a lot of sweeping.”

“Whoever left the football in the pool needs to leave me $25. Get it out please.”

“Please TiVo Olympics tonight. Gymnastics all around competition.”

“Attention: nobody eats the cookies in the Tupperware container.”

“Neill’s soccer game is Sunday at one in Mt. Juliet, everyone is expected to attend. No excuses about homework.”

My kids call him the ultimate Dad. No really – he even has a shirt that says that. Ok – it doesn’t say that – what it does say – in big, green, bold, all-cap font is SOCCER DAD. He wears it all the time. I beg him not to.

He started wearing it after I threw away his Superman T-shirt, a choice I regret to this day.

He takes his parenting job very seriously. And texting has become his favorite form of family communication throughout the day.

He has us all, including our daughter away at college, in one group text. (Once in the circle, there is no getting out)

It usually starts in the early morning hours with a text about the chickens (that obviously someone in the family is trying to murder!) and ends around 9 pm, when he sends us a link to an article he is reading on, that he would like us to all be prepared to discuss in the morning… after we discuss the chickens.

In between, there are texts about the the dogs, school lunch fees, football practice, up and coming college majors, oil changes, grocery lists and links to his new, all-time favorite, country music song, “Forever Country”.

Clearly, when the blue-eyed boy from my Constitutional law class asked me out, I didn’t think it through to it’s ultimate conclusion.

No matter where we are, he ends each day with the following text…

“Love you all, good-night.”

“Me too.”  

“Me three”

“And me”.

“Mom, loves you too, sleep well.”

If I had, I would have asked him out first.

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