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Terrace Hills proposed rezone not recommended by board

The Planning Commission held its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, May 18.
The new 505 building at Church Street and Fifth Avenue North, just poured its final level of concrete, making it the tallest residential building in Nashville. The 45-story building has been 18 months in the making and is expected to be completed this fall.
Several community members spoke out during the meeting concerning a proposed rezone for lots 13 and 14, on Terrace Hills Rd. The owners of the land have been storing vehicles on the lot for the past 30 years and want to rezone the land, to allow for a commercial parking lot. The owners stated that many people in the area do not have the room or clearance to park large vehicles, such as RVs, on their personal properties. They feel that this would be a beneficial addition to the community. Many townspeople feel otherwise, voicing their concerns that the lot will increase traffic and become a safety hazard for children and other pedestrians. They also feel that it will lower the value of surrounding property. The board has given this rezone request a negative recommendation.
Another item on the agenda, was reviewing the final master development plan and the site plan for Wash N Roll Car Wash, located at Lebanon Rd. at Benton Douglas. Citizens are concerned about the noise that may be generated from this new business near their homes. Increased traffic was also a concern, especially with the addition of the new High School. The board recommends a noise buffer, including evergreen trees and a privacy fence. The board approved the plans with the named contingencies.

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