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Test scores remain high despite pandemic

At their work session Wednesday, the Wilson County School Board heard from staff that testing data was, despite the pandemic, better than expected for the past two years.
For growth, Wilson County School was the highest level, Level 5, and there was one area where a group of students performed better in the 2020-21 school year that they did in the 2019-20 school year. Several schools remained Reward Schools, and some achieved it for the year. They will be made public this weekend.
“We didn’t see anything that jumped out and alarmed us,” said Dr. Jennifer Cothron on the data.
Cothron said there were dips in areas that they expected, but overall the school system as a whole performed above the state average.
“This is a true testament to our administrators and our teachers,” said Director of Schools Jeff Luttrell.
Board Chair Larry Tomlinson said that it showed despite having to be at home portions of the school year, teachers were able to effectively keep their students on track.
“While we were out, when we had to be, we did do ok,” said Tomlinson.
Tomlinson praised not only the teachers and administrators, but also the students and parents who had to make sure their children were on task.
The Board also discussed a resolution to send to the state to ask them to give them more options to address the pandemic. There were roughly 1,300 student positive cases last school year, and this year they have had 838 student positive cases in the first 17 days.
The resolution would ask that the State of Tennessee let them have the option to go back to hybrid, or other options, when needed because Wilson County Schools has shown that they can do it effectively.
“With all the issues we had last year, we didn’t suffer the learning loss that some districts did,” said Luttrell. “Wilson County has demonstrated the ability to be successful in various learning models.”
Board Member Jamie Farough said that the State asks them to social distance, but they are down two schools and they don’t have the options like hybrid to help achieve that.
“It is astounding to me,” said Farough.
After discussion, the resolution will be reworked for further discussion and a vote at the next board meeting Wednesday. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at the Wilson County BOE Administrative & Training Complex, 415 Harding Drive, Lebanon TN 37087. You can also stream the meeting, or watch it afterwards at the school system’s website,