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Thank You Teachers!

With yet another school year nearing an end, I wanted to take a moment to thank all our wonderful teachers for the great and wonderful work you do. Many times we don’t say thank you enough to our wonderful teachers or we
wait until after the end of the school year to do so. Be it teaching at home, in a daycare or in the school system, our teachers do a wonderful job of teaching children. Teaching children can at times go without much notice or fan fair. However, I felt compelled to say thank you for all the hard work performed by teachers.

Teaching children is a calling that requires lots of love, heartache, patience and understanding. Teachers become very close to and attached to the children they teach. They know when the children are happy and they know
when the children are sad. They also carry the burden and heartache of the children who are hurting. These are the children that may not have slept the night before because of domestic situations in the home, the children that
didn’t have breakfast before coming to school because of monetary reasons or the child that doesn’t live in a household filled with love and happiness.

For the most part, children appear the same on the outside. They appear to be happy, healthy children. When in reality, many are hurting on the inside and just begging for help. Unfortunately, many children aren’t sure who to
turn to for help. But luckily, we have great teachers who take on the huge responsibility of guiding not only happy children, but those suffering, as well. Teachers get to know their children well beyond names, addresses and telephone
numbers. They get to know every little thing about the children they teach.

Therefore, please help me in thanking and honoring our wonderful teachers and school staff. We honor and appreciate the wonderful work you do.


Kenny Martin, Interim City Manager

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