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Threats made to Wilson County students

Several Wilson County students reported receiving threatening phone calls Friday night. Calls were reportedly made to West Wilson Middle School and Gladeville Elementary School students.

Wilson County Schools spokesperson Jennifer Johnson said she received a call Friday night that students at the fifth grade dance, being held at WWMS, had been receiving threatening calls and text messages.

According to Johnson, two Sheriff’s deputies were sent out Saturday to the address where the calls originated and two individuals were interviewed.

“There have been many comments and posts made on social media [Friday night] in regards to threats being made by phone from an unknown caller to many of the students who attended a dance at West Wilson Middle School,” a post read on Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

“The threats were made in a harming nature. The School Resource Officer on sight, along with the supervisors, have worked diligently to find the identity of the suspect who was making the threats. We feel strongly that the threats that were made tonight were not credible and have been in contact with another agency in working to prosecute the violator. We will continue to be vigilant at all schools and any threat that is made towards a student, staff member or school will be prosecuted.”

According to Lt. Scott Moore, sheriffs identified two juveniles who live in another county and were responsible for making prank phone calls.

“We have been in contact with the parents of the juvenile and will be working with their local agency to fully investigate all that transpired,” the Sheriff’s Office commented on the post.

Moore said they are working with the other agency to establish the facts of the case.

“The threat was deemed non-credible and the schools that were involved at the dance are in no imminent danger,” said Moore.

The threats came on the same day a 17-year-old student at Santa Fe High School in Texas allegedly opened fire at his school, killing 10 and injuring many more.

In response to many parents’ concern over sending their children to school, the Sheriff’s Office said the situation is under control, and they will continue to stay vigilant.

“We take great pride in the safety and security of each school and will not tolerate any such threat towards anyone associated with a school,” WSCO commented.

Johnson said that while there were many statements about threatening messages, no one has provided a screen shot that  investigators could use. She said anyone with proof of the messages should contact the Sheriff’s Department or Detective Hittle, the Student Resource Officer at West Wilson Middle School.

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