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Trivett appointed District 2 Commissioner

After several rounds of voting, the Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners avoided a special election and appointed Bill Trivett as District 2 City Commissioner.
The seat has been vacant since the election of James Maness as Mayor. He previously held the District 2 seat.
The discussion started with District 5 City Commissioner Jennifer Milele saying it was unfortunate that the six people that ran for the position couldn’t publicly speak at the meeting. She proposed that each got to speak for three minutes so the residents of District 2 could hear their ideas.
“I think for one they deserve to know,” said Milele.
That motion was not seconded so it moved on to nominations. Mayor James Maness nominated Shawn Donovan. Milele nominated Linda Elam. Justice nominated Lisa Neff and Scott Hefner nominated Bill Trivett.
None of the nominees made it out of the first round of voting, as each got one vote, except for Lisa Neff who got two. Elam was removed from the second round of voting, and in that round Shawn Donovan didn’t have the votes to move forward, leaving Neff and Trivett.
In the final round of voting, Neff received two positive, one negative and one abstention. Trivett received three positive votes and one negative, which led to his appointment. His term will run until November 2022.
“I’m looking forward to working with the folks on the board,” said Trivett Tuesday.
Trivett moved to Mt. Juliet in 2013 and wanted to be a bigger part of the community. He is on the Board of Directors for Hickory Hills subdivision. As he began to work more within the city on different issues, he thought his 23 years in operations experience could be helpful to the Board of Commissioners so he submitted his name for the vacant position. Look for a bigger article on Trivett in next week’s edition.

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