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Two Mt. Juliet developments fail to get approval

Land use amendments for two proposed developments in Mt. Juliet failed at the city planning commission last week.

A land use amendment for the Beckwith Point project failed at the June 20 meeting after being deferred at the May meeting. The project was a proposed multi-use development along Belinda Parkway and Interstate 40 that include commercial and residential units. A town hall was held earlier this month for residents of Belinda City and District 4 as the proposed project would impact the area.

Area residents came to all three meetings to voice their opinions of the development, many of whom were against it. Their concerns were about increased traffic in the area and the fear of how that increase would affect safety. Others were concerned about not having a current commissioner for their district and wanted a delay in the project until one was appointed.

A land use amendment for the Devonshire Townhomes located near the Willoughby Station and Hickory Hills subdivisions also failed at the meeting. The plan would change the land use from medium density to multi-family and would include 97 units.

A previous plan of medium density, single-family homes with a connection to Willoughby Station was approved in 1987.

Residents of both neighborhoods were concerned about how the development would impact traffic. Those in Willoughby Station, especially those on Sydney Terrance, were worried about the proposed connection to the road as it would increase traffic on a roadway that residents say is already unsafe.

Some said that the increased traffic throughout the neighborhoods would be dangerous because of how many pedestrians utilize the area already.

Because the land use amendments failed, the commission did not move forward with other aspects of the proposed developments.

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