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Volunteer at Encore, become a part of the show

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

For seven years, Encore Theatre Company has been entertaining Mt. Juliet and the surrounding areas. 

During those seven years, through all the shows, it has been the community that has kept the show going. 

Many people don’t realize that it is just people who volunteer their time that keeps the Encore Theatre bringing their great shows to the stage. 

“We are all about getting the community involved,” said Encore’s Donna Willis. 

Willis said that they need help for all types of things from building sets and electricians to people running concessions and ushering. 

“Sometimes that’s a great way to see a free show,” said Willis of ushering. 

Willis said there is always people calling up and saying they have a piece of furniture or clothing that they are getting rid of that might work in a show. They have taken old uniforms to Victoria furniture and used them during a show. 

You can also always donate money or sponsor the Encore Theatre, which is a 501(c)3, making any donation tax deductible. 

You can also live out your dream of performing on stage or seeing your play performed, that could happen as well. 

Each production is made up of people in the community or surrounding communities who love to act. 

“People like when they come and see their banker is in the play,” said Willis. 

If you think you have written the next great stage play, Encore puts at least one original work a year. 

Willis said they usually pick one that fits in well with their other schedule. If they have done drama mostly, they will pick an original comedy. 

No matter what you do, volunteering at Encore Theatre allows you to meet people who have similar interest, and you get to be a part of something special, working together to entertain the community. 

Up next for Encore will be “The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew” by Margaret Sidney. It is the story of the Peppers family and how they get by in their little brown house. It will run from Sept 7-16.

Encore Theatre Company is located at 6978 Lebanon Rd. in Mt. Juliet. 

They can be reached at (615)598-8950. You can also check them out on the Internet at 

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