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Weathers seeks Zone 3 School Board seat

Don Weathers is seeking the Zone 3 seat for the Wilson County Board of Education.  He has extensive experience in the “teaching/learning” environment that he has acquired during his career. 

“I began my working career as a classroom teacher at a small school in Elkmont, Alabama, and spent two years teaching and coaching at the K-12 school,” said Weathers. “I also spent two years teaching and coaching at Mt. Juliet Junior High (now West Wilson Middle School) and one year teaching and coaching at Mt. Juliet High School where I started the first personal computer class in the Wilson County School System. I understand the significance of the relationship between teachers and students and parents and will strive, if elected, to make that my focus for the next four years.  I have been encouraged by parents and teachers to get involved again and will do my best to help make the school system better if the voters of Zone 3 support me with their vote.”

Weathers served on the Wilson County Board of Education from 2004-2016 and served as chairman of the board for four years. He understands the inner workings of the school system, especially the budgeting process, and will be able to have an immediate impact on the business of the board. 

“I believe the parents/taxpayers want their elected school board members to be actively involved in the decision making process of the school system, as they are elected to represent them in how the school system operates,” he said. “I will do my very best to listen to your thoughts and needs and make sure your voice is heard as we deal with the ever-changing conditions we are facing. I won’t be a rubber stamp for anyone.”

Weathers has been a small business owner for over 20 years since leaving the teaching profession with the primary focus of helping identify ways to improve the way companies operate, which involved teaching new ways of doing business and training the employees so the improvements were sustainable.

“I have worked with thousands of people across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe to identify solutions to problems and implement better ways to do things,” he said. “I can hit the ground running on making Wilson County Schools better for our students/teachers/parents and will make sure your voice is heard. I am semi-retired and have time to address the many challenges facing the school system. The business of the school system requires a lot of time for board members and I am now in a position to make that commitment.”

Don is a 40-year resident of Wilson County and is married to the former Diane Graves whose family has been residents of the same community for 11 generations.  

“Our family has been involved with this community/county for over 220 years and has been instrumental in the quality of life that we enjoy,” said Weathers. “If elected, I will make sure we take those things into consideration as we go forward.”

Don and Diane have one son, Darren. Darren and his wife, Allison Thomas Weathers, have one daughter, Aubrey.

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