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Weston proposing county give MJ same fire deal as Watertown

Kenny Howell

Managing Editor

County Commissioner Fred Weston is proposing that Wilson County give Mt. Juliet the same deal it gave Watertown when they were building their fire station. 

Weston has brought forward a resolution stating that the county pay $1,550,000 to fund the construction of the new emergency services building in Providence. The county had provided that money for Watertown in 2008, in which Watertown had to repay $650,000 over several years. 

“They have set a precedent,” said Weston about the Watertown vote. “I voted for that resolution.”

County Mayor Randall Hutto said the Watertown Volunteer Fire Department services areas outside of their city limits in the southeastern portion of the county and have been since  1949, so that is why the deal was worked out in 2008. 

The station in Providence could possibly cover unincorporated areas in the county as well if a deal is worked out with the county. There would also be a mutual aid agreement most likely with the new station to cover some areas of the county if needed. The Mt. Juliet area also contributes more tax dollars than Watertown and southeastern portion of the county.   

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners approved a resolution unanimously in the July meeting supporting Weston’s resolution. 

“It is no different than what we are asking,” said Vice Mayor James Maness, who made a different proposal recently to the EMA Committee cooperating with WEMA in the new station. 

Weston’s resolution was in the budget committee, but didn’t receive a vote Monday because it wasn’t properly motioned by the committee. 

Weston said he will bring the issue back up later in the year after the current tax issues are resolved. 

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