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Wildcats’ Dismiss the Bears

Wildcats’ Dismiss the Bears

“Wildcats’ Dismiss the Bears”

By: James Graham

Photo: Jennifer Lawrence


Wilson Central continued their winning ways over the weekend with a trip to Antioch High School.

The opening kick-off would set the tone for the first half, with Wilson Central muffing and recovering the ball.

Wilson Central and QB Blake Meadors couldn’t quite get the offense running on all cylinders.

The opening drive saw the Cats fumble and recover the ball again, and a flag on Antioch keeping the drive from going 3-and-out.

Football-WC-JenniferLawrenceAirThe Cats showed their resolve despite a slow start. They kept fighting until Meadors beautifully threaded a pass to TE Noah Stafford from inside the red zone for Wilson Central’s first score.

The Wilson Central defense would set the tone for the night, pressuring the Bears into a 3-and-out.

Antioch would get the ball back after Wilson Central dropped the punt.

Coach Dedman’s defense wasn’t phased in the slightest and stifled Antioch yet again.

The highlight of the quarter came with 17 seconds left. The Cats’ were still struggling with their offense when Senior Punter/Kicker Adam Williams flipped the field with a 75-yard punt from his own 11 to Antioch’s 14-yard line.

The Wilson Central defense was finally breached deep into the second quarter as a result of untimely penalties finally enabling Antioch to capitalize on a 17-yard pass tying the game 7-7 with 3:49 left in the second corner.
Tyler Bowes had something to say about that after picking up 16 yards on a pass, and converting from 3 yards out on the next play for the go ahead touchdown.

The Cats’ defense would show up again to shut down Antioch’s offensive attack.

In form Adam Williams would step from 40 yards out to rocket an accurate field goal to give Wilson Central a 17-7 lead, closing out the half.

The third quarter saw Wildcat offensive coordinator Zach White tweaking his play calling.

Meadors complete a pass to Bowes for a 12-yard gain on Central’s next scoring drive.

Coach White trusted Meador’s ability to move the ball in the air, which was rewarded by beaming a ball into Spencer Welch’s sure hands.

Bowes then sprinted up the left sideline for a 32-yard TD extending the score 24-7 for Wilson Central. Play momentarily stopped due to an injury on the Antioch side.Football-WC-JenniferLawrenceCatch

Good sportsmanship from both sides would see an ovation when the Bear’s player got up on his own.

Spectacular defensive play from the Wildcats ended the third quarter.

Coach Dedman’s intensity eased when the Cats’ offense finally started to gel in the fourth quarter.

Tyler Bowes continued running the ball well with a two first downs on consecutive running plays culminating with a score from 4 yards out.

LB Drew Hanks would put the cherry on top of the Cats’ defensive performance with a pick-6 to end the scoring at 38-7 in favor of Wilson Central.

Coach Dedman’s team showed us this week that they have a winner’s mentality; although they started slow, they recovered, remained constant, refused to let up or show any signs of frustration.

Their hard work and perseverance combined with the raw talent available to the Cats should make them a team to be reckoned with as the season continues to unfold.

The Cats will entertain Seigel High School this Friday at 7:00 PM


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