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Wilson Central Choir performs at Carnegie Hall

Wilson Central High School’s Chamber Choir represented Wilson County in a performance at Carnegie Hall on Sunday.

Led by director Lynn Morin, the choir traveled to New York City over the weekend to participate in a performance at the famous music hall under the direction of world-renown composer and conductor Eric Whitacre. The program, “The Music of Eric Whitacre,” was presented by Distinguished Concerts International New York.

Choirs from around the U.S. and Canada rehearsed with Whitacre for the days leading up to the concert where they performed many of Whitacre’s own compositions to a sold-out audience.

“Eric Whitacre was an energetic and inspiring force throughout rehearsals and performance,” said Morin. “I loved that my students were working with the composer of the pieces.  Mr. Whitacre gave personal insight relating to why and how he wrote each piece.”

Morin, who has been at Wilson Central for four years, said the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall is a once in a lifetime experience for her students. For the months leading up to the trip, the students put in extra practice and worked hard to memorize and prepare for the performance.

Morin said her students were bubbling with excitement after the first rehearsal, taking in how meaningful the experience will be to perform at Carnegie Hall.

Carley Durham, senior and president of the chamber choir, said that though it was a lot of hard work to prepare but the performance would be worth it.

“Ten hours of intense rehearsals culminated in their Carnegie Hall performance on Sunday night,” said Morin. “The performance was magical.  Such a proud moment to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience with my choir students.”

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