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Wilson Central Succumb to the Bears

Wilson Central Succumb to the Bears

Written by: James Graham / WCHS – Student Correspondent 

Photos: Jennifer Lawrence / Jeremy Satterfield

Wilson Central Succumb to the Bears

            The Wilson Central Wildcats met the Mount Juliet Golden Bears Friday night at Wilson Central’s home field. Mount Juliet would kick off and immediately draw a penalty for a block in the back. Coach Dedman would attempt to get up early, going for it on 4th and 1 in the opening drive and converting. The drive came to nothing as Mount Juliet held them to 4th on long on the next set of downs. The Bears would try a similar attempt on 4th down, converting theirs. The Cats defense stayed on the field, and failed to capitalize on a 10-yard loss after a bad snap from the Bears. The massive offensive line of the Bears allowed them to gain significant yardage on the ground. The Bears would break the deadlock from a well-designed play action pass, seeing the tight end roll out and receive a 15-yard TD pass.  The following kickoff would sail well past the end zone. The Cats couldn’t get anything going, and would lose yardage and be forced to punt. The bears would convert on a 3rd and 12 situations to keep the ball and wrap up the first quarter.

Wilson Central’s defense failed to stop them on third again, but the Bears couldn’t come out with any points. The Wildcats would finally string together a good drive, comprised of Colton Dowell’s fancy footwork, Devon High’s sure hands, and Tyler Bowes’ powerful running. The drive shortened the deficit with Adam Williams splitting the uprights from 47 yards away. The Cats weren’t finished, though, as Kalib Graves would pick off an attempted Mount Juliet pass. Blake Meadors would find TE Dalton King, and Colton Dowell to move the chains successively. Williams would be sent out again to nail another field goal, closing out the half at 6-7 in favor of Mount Juliet.

The two teams would go back and forth for the majority of the second quarter without any points. The game was all but decided in this quarter however, as Mount Juliet’s O-Line battered the Cats defense. The continual barrage tired out the Wilson Central defense. The offense was fresh though, and Tyler Bowes superb vision allowed him to find some gaps to shoot in the Bear’s defense, and exploit them. A drive contingent mostly of his running gave the cats their first TD and the lead at 12-7 with a little more than 3 minutes left. Not much would happen for the remaining minutes, other than the constant pounding of the Wildcat defense.

mjhs-footballThe meat of the game came in the fourth, as Mount Juliet promptly regained their lead, and completing a two-point conversion. A hectic next drive had Meadors passing, handing off, and running to hit back at 18-15. A huge break from the Bears saw their running back finding room, beating the secondary, and nearly finding the end zone himself after a 70- yard dash. The following play had the Bears convert from 6 yards for 6 more to make it 18-22. Many Cats fans looked dejected adnd devastated, after Meadors pass on the following drive was picked off, and the Bears scored again. Meadors wasn’t phased in the slightest, and he would come back on and deliver an 80-yard peach right into High’s stride to make it 24-29. Bowes would rush in the two-point conversion, making it a 3 point game. The Bears still couldn’t get their offense going and were held to 4th and 3. A gutsy call from the Mount Juliet sideline had punter Jacob Bailey attempting to run for it, but not quite getting there. Meadors was far from finished, and persevered after two incomplete passes. The third was delivered to Colton Dowell for another 40-yard TD. Williams extra point attempt was blocked, keeping the game within three points at 32-29 in favor of The Cats. With less than a minute left, the game drew toward its nail-biting conclusion. A 23 yard field goal attempt would be completed, and send the game into overtime at 32-32.

Mount Juliet would win the toss, and choose to keep the ball. The Bears glided into the end zone, leaving it all to Coach Dedman’s offense. Wilson Central had a chance to keep the game going, but the pass on 4th and goal fell incomplete and ended the game 39-32 Mount Juliet.

Many expected a giant killing after looking at the teams records in favor of the Cats, but many didn’t look at who Mount Juliet had actually lost to. The Bears fell at Cane Ridge (Ranked 9 in all divisions), Ravenwood (Ranked 11 in 6A), Webb. The Bears’ record wasn’t representative of the talent they displayed.

The Cats hope to bounce back, travelling to Lebanon this Friday at 7:00

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