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Wilson County Commission votes to fund new high school

The Wilson County Commission voted Monday night to fund the new Green Hill High School. The final vote was 18-6 and would allow the county to take $107 million in bonds to pay for construction.

The proposed school would be located on a nearly 80-acre lot on Lebanon Road and North Greenhill Road and would have access points on both.

In a previous committee meeting, Deputy Director of Schools Mickey Hall discussed the four bids the School Board received on the proposed new high school. Hall said the bids ranged from $86.7 million to more than $100 million. The School Board had estimated the cost of the proposed school at $200 per square foot, but the lowest bid equated to just over that at $206.46 per square foot.

At the same meeting, a few Mt. Juliet residents addressed their concerns about the location and potential cost of the new school. With concerns over road safety issues and requests for a traffic study, many asked that the commissioners not approve the budget for the project. One man said that “choosing the lease expensive option is a recipe for failure.”

To facilitate funding for the new school, the commission considered two options: increasing facilities tax or increasing sales tax.

A vote to increase the adequate facilities tax failed to received a majority vote. The commission instead voted to put a sales tax increase on a referendum on the ballot for the November election, which would raise it to 9.75 percent.

“We are so grateful to our county commissioners for making the new school possible,” said Director of Wilson County Schools Donna Wright. “The new high school will ensure that our students get a quality education in classrooms that are not overcrowded. I believe the new school will have a profound impact on the overall community, as well as the students who will attend it.”

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