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Wilson County Commission votes to increase adequate facilities tax

The Wilson County Commission met for its regular meeting on Sept. 16 and approved an increase in the adequate facilities fee for new homes by $2,000.

Commissioners gathered in the Wilson County Courthouse for the meeting on Monday night and were joined by a large group of builders, realtors, and citizens who were opposing the proposed increase in the adequate facilities tax. The fee was $3,000 for each new residence in Wilson County prior to the meeting.

Discussions about the tax were heated at times during the meeting.  

“The fairest method is to do a per square foot assessment,” said Commissioner Dan Walker. “There is a housing shortage in low end homes, and we need all income levels supported. We need to focus on more affordable housing in Wilson County.”

The Commission voted to approve a $2,000 increase in the adequate facilities tax, making the total $5,000 per residential unit, and to delay its implementation for 30 days.

Initially an increase of $4,500 was proposed, which would make the total $7,500 per residential unit, but according to Kevin Pigg, governmental affairs chair for the Eastern Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors, much debate, opinions and suggestions led the commission to decide on the $2,000 increase.

In other actions, building permit fees were increased and a large senior living subdivision zoning was voted down.

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