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Wilson County Fair named 2017 Divisional Champion

The Tennessee Association of Fairs named the 2017 Wilson County Fair as the Champion Fair for 2017 in the Triple A Division at the recent convention award ceremony on Saturday Night. Pictured is part of the 1,000 volunteers accepting the award as these volunteers donated more than 77,000 hours in 2017 to make this possible.

Randall Clemons, President, said the Wilson County Fair Board was able to take the county fair to another level due to the 78,000-square-foot Expo Center which was the home of competitive exhibits, pageants and Hometown USA.

We are extremely thankful to the Wilson County Commission for making this wonderful facility available.  The fair had more than 150 events, more than 14,000 exhibits and with an attendance of 488,299 people during the nine days the fair was open.

Clemons said that the volunteer board meets this Thursday night to begin planning the 2018 Wilson County Fair, which will occur on Aug. 17 through Aug. 25.

According to Clemons, it was a tough year for the board with the loss of their President Hale Moss, but their board, volunteers and staff stepped up to make the fair possible and they are honored to receive this award.

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