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Wilson County Schools considers plans for start of school

The Wilson County School Board was presented information on the educational plan being developed for the return to school on Aug. 3, 2020.

With the ongoing pandemic, the district administrative team is working on any and all plans that possibly could be used. Health guidelines from national and state levels will impact what plans will be ultimately put in place for the first day of school.

The scenarios that were presented are what has been determined as of the second week of June.

There are three different schedules being presently considered.

The first schedule is to have the traditional in-person learning with all students and teachers present every day. Disinfecting routines, hand washing, and social distancing would be part of the daily routine, with breakfast and lunch served.

The second schedule is remote learning where the schools are closed. Teachers and students would be working remotely from home.

The third schedule is the hybrid model which is a combination of traditional and remote learning. There would be full school days with students attending class on Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday with a limited number of students per homeroom.

Currently, the school district has target dates for school implementation. Family and staff surveys open in mid-June. The District Kids Website opens July 1. The schools will share the details of the plan with their families in mid-July.

The plans listed above are only framework scenarios, and there will likely be many additions and perhaps some subtractions. Full details of a finalized re-entry plan will be released in July. Wilson County Schools will send that information out when it is available.

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