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Wilson County Schools launch calendar survey

After Labor Day, Wilson County Schools will begin conducting a district-wide survey of parents and staff to gain input and perspective on how the annual school calendar should be organized in the years to come.

For many years, Wilson County has been one of the few school districts in Middle Tennessee to maintain a two-week fall break. While many parents and teachers have enjoyed that extended break, there are others who’ve expressed interest in seeing the calendar realigned to provide for longer breaks, during Thanksgiving and Christmas, or a school start date after Labor Day.

To gain a clear perspective on what would best serve the long-term needs of our school families and staff, the district has partnered with an independent research and communications firm, K12 Insight, to administer the survey and compile the results. Three options will be on the table for parents to choose from.

Option one provides a one-week fall break, option two maintains the current two-week fall break and option three allows for students to begin school after Labor Day.

Director of Schools, Dr. Donna Wright, says she’s looking forward to finding out which option is most popular, and learning more about why parents and teachers prefer one calendar option versus another.

“There’s a lot to consider. Each option has its benefits, but they all come with some features that parents might not necessarily like. My hope is that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to let their voices be heard. As a leader, my primary goal is to make the best decision for our community, and the one that most benefits our students and provides for their success. At the end of the day, they’re our customers,” said Wright.

September 5, K12 Insight will email survey invitations to parents and teachers, seeking their input. Each email will contain a unique survey link that participants will use to vote. Those invitations should not be forwarded, and the links will only be valid for one vote. Each family will be allowed two votes, and employees will get the opportunity to vote once. The survey window will remain open from September 5 – 22.

Parents and Staff should have received an email from the district last week, addressing additional details and questions the key stakeholders may have. If an email was not received, parents and guardians are urged to contact the registrar at the child’s school to ask for assistance.

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