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Wilson County Schools unveils new website

Wilson County Schools announced recently that the district’s newly redesigned website is now online.

Since last fall, the school district’s webmaster has been working to create a site that would be more user-friendly and accessible for parents, students, staff and members of the community. They are thrilled with the end result and hope users will be too.

Wilson Co. School’s Director, Dr. Donna Wright, said this is something she has had on her radar for quite some time.

“Sometimes, I think people forget that we’re the 9th largest school district in the state, and as such, we have to serve our constituents in the same way that a similar sized district would,” said Wright. “This website brings us one step closer to that.”
Primarily, this overhaul was meant to provide the following:

  • Improved navigation
  • Streamlined communication with parents, staff and the community
  • Better showcasing of our school/student successes
  • Updated responsive design to facilitate mobile access
  • Enhanced accessibility to meet ADA compliance for all users

Over the next four months, staff will be working to bring individual school websites in line with this new design and layout.

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