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Wilson Rides looking to help seniors feel more part of community

Wilson County is blessed with a lot of things.
We have three great cities. Our county and city governments have been successful at growing and maintaining our communities. Our police departments are excellent. Our school system is one of the best in the state. All the churches work together to take care of the community. We as citizens take care of each other.
“We have all the makings of a great place to live,” said Gaye Lynn Wilson, Executive Director of Wilson Rides.
But we are severely lacking in transportation, especially for our seniors. There is no transportation system and only one cab company that mainly serves Lebanon. In 2019, 23,195 adults in Wilson County were over the age of 65, 20 percent lived alone and six percent of these households did not have a car.
That is where Wilson Rides will step in. The non-profit organization has been in the works for a few months, and hopes to start giving rides in May. Wilson said that transportation is underserved in the community, and the pandemic really made that more apparent for seniors who couldn’t get out for basic necessities without fear of getting very sick.
“We need to keep our seniors connected to the community,” said Wilson.
Wilson said the things we take for granted like going to the grocery store, picking up prescriptions, getting to doctor’s appointments, can sometimes be a real challenge for seniors who can’t drive themselves or have someone to drive them. Even the process of asking someone for help can be difficult for some people.
“I don’t want to ask people for rides, it’s not easy to ask,” said Wilson.
Wilson was hired on to Wilson Rides Feb. 1, and the organization is hoping to be ready for rides in May. That is extremely fast for an operation like this, which sometimes can take from six months to a year to get into place. Wilson said they have the operations side in place, now they are moving on to the next step, which is where the community gets involved. Wilson Rides will need volunteers to be the drivers, as well as need to find seniors who would use the service. To keep the price of the rides small, Wilson Rides also needs monetary donations. You can sponsor a senior for a year for just $50. That covers four round trip rides and the initial in-home assessment to determine whether Wilson Rides will be beneficial to the senior. Wilson Rides also is on Amazon Smile where Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to the organization. They will also participate in the Big Payback in May.
For more information on the service, you can visit They are also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can reach them by phone at (615)622-5557.

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