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Wright talks ‘Bobcat Village’

Wilson County Director of Schools Dr. Donna Wright spoke a little more about the portables coming to Stoner Creek Elementary next year.
Dubbed “Bobcat Village”, there will be 20 portables, which will be 40 classrooms, placed outside of Phyllis Robinson gymnasium. The gymnasium will be multi-functional with room for teacher work space, administration offices and all other activities that are usually held in the gym. Wright said the gymnasium was so well-constructed that it survived a direct hit from the tornado. She said the floor was lifted from the pressure, but the walls and roof stayed pretty much intact.
“These are brand new constructed portables,” said Wright of the 20 portables coming. They are made by a company out of Georgia and will be leased to the school. The School Board is holding a special meeting Thursday to approve the lease for the portables. Bathrooms and a playground will also be constructed.
Wright also spoke on incoming Director of Schools Jeffrey Luttrell who has been shadowing her since he was chosen by the Board as the next Director of Schools.
“He is a natural student,” said Wright. “He asks a ton of questions.”
Luttrell will continue to work with Wright through the rest of the school year and take over the position July 1.
Wright also said that COVID-19 cases are down within the school system.
“We are enjoying a very calm spell,” said Wright.
She said they had to shut down a fifth grade wing a few weeks back, but other than that numbers have stayed low. However, she said she doesn’t want to let her guard down because there are many areas in the country where numbers are creeping back up.
“We don’t want to see that here,” said Wright.
Wright said that we should continue social distancing as best we can and continue to wear masks in the schools. She said she knows they have been hard from some students, but she thinks it really did help not only with COVID-19, but with the seasonal flu.
“This was the least amount of flu I have seen since I have been here,” said Wright.