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Yo So Delicious perfect treat for a warm spring day

Often when a new place comes into Mt. Juliet, they are owned by a franchise, and the owner must abide by what that company wants. That is not true of Yo So Delicious. Owner Amie  Fitzgerald wanted the opportunity to try different things. 
Instead of doing just the frozen yogurt, she wanted to try a modern twist on cake and ice cream with cake pops, cupcakes and many other items. Her daughter Courtney came up with the name, which left her son William a little upset that he didn’t get to contribute.“He said ‘that is so not fair,’” laughed Amie. So Amie turned the interior over to him. He wanted a frozen tundra look, so the blue and white décor came to life thanks to Amie’s interior design background. 
Another way Yo So Delicious tried to be different was their toppings. William said that every place around has gummy bears. He requested Yo So Delicious has gummy sharks and octopi. Yo So Delicious has 15 rotating flavors that they change around every two weeks. They will always have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, a non-dairy sorbet and one non-sugar added flavor. 
Amie said that another difference with their frozen yogurt is that if it says strawberry, there is strawberry puree in there. 
“It is what it says it is,” said Amie. 
Amie said that they use all fresh fruit as well, except for the cherries that come in a jar. It’s the only way she could find them. Since the Fitzgeralds are a firm believer in supporting local businesses, they are trying to get more and more agreements with local farms to help produce their fruit.
“Anything I can get from a local farmer, we are going to do,” said Amie. 
A lot of frozen yogurt places don’t have a discount program, or really any discounts at all. 
“We are very discount friendly,” said Amie. 
In addition to their loyalty program, which they keep track of, there are special days on waffle bowls, special Facebook fan only discounts and even senior citizen discounts. 
Yo So Delicious has also started doing spirit nights for local schools or churches. However, instead of having the group show some special invite to get the money to go to the organization, they just set aside 15 percent of money they make in a time period just for that organization. 
Yo So Delicious is located at 401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd. Suite 205 in Providence next to Kroger. They can be reached at (615)773-7696. You can also find them on Facebook for specials and news about the store.

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